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Summer Uptown

June 18th, 2018

The students, staff, and friends of TECH Freire Charter School celebrated their artistic and technological achievements of the 2017-2018 academic year at Summer Uptown in North Philadelphia. As part of the planning team, Ruthie Iglesias curated the spaces and student artwork within including two large permanent installation pieces. Part fundraiser/part gallery walk, this event showcased over 200 original works of student art, musical performances, engineered objects, and prototypes.

Below are final gallery schematics, and installation shots of the large student sculpture, Enigmatic Excellence. For questions or ways to get involved, please email

Memory Tree

Installed December 2nd 2017

Folks experiencing homelessness and other scarcities are not impervious to loss. Every single person experiences loss; loss of property, friends, family, pets, ideas, ownership, and more. Through a private directed donation Ruthie designed and installed a permanent Memory Tree at Broad Street Ministry. All members, staff, visitors, volunteers, donors, and guests are encouraged to add a leaf to memorialize what they have lost. The Memory Tree is located in the lobby near the elevator of Broad Street Ministry and is accessible to the public during business hours.


Looking Out & Seeing In

May 18th - June 11th 2017

Ruthie Iglesias designed and curated an art show at Metropolitan Gallery 250 which showcased the original works of non-traditional artists. Many of the artists featured are/were experiencing scarcity; scarcity of housing, benefits, food, employment, and/or visibility. The show raised over $4,000 for future arts programming at Broad Street Ministry.

For further information or a prospectus, email